Best sewing machine brands: Detailed user’s Analysis

A well-functioning sewing machine is a must-have for households of all types. Time and again, a need arises to take a stitch or make amendments to some of our low-quality clothing pieces. It becomes uneasy, time-consuming and rather costly to visit the sewer or the tailor every now and then for even the slightest problems with your outfit. For this, multiple brands are there yet the best sewing machine brands are few.

To have a sewing machine right in your household ignites a different level of creativity and unleashes the innovative graphic designer in you. You can enhance your sewing skills in a couple of months and can be all set to step in the entrepreneurial world with your cuts and designs.

If you do not have the sewing machine brand at your service currently, there is no need to worry. We have rigorously gone through reviews of buyers and critics of experts and brought to you a list of the top five sewing machine brands. Our recommendations will surely help you to choose the right brand in order to suit your skills and requirements. Each of the brands is well-known for its top-notch quality and excellence.

For a quick overview, the list is provided below:

1- Brother: overall best sewing machine brand

2- Singer: Top durable sewing machine brand

3- Janome: Top innovative sewing machine brand

4- Juki: Best sewing machine brand for beginners

5- Pfaff: Best sewing machine brand for intermediate users

1- Brother: Overall best sewing machine brand

The Brother sewing machine is a renowned and recognized brand in the sewing machine industry and a product of the creative minds of two Japanese brothers. The hard work and effort were continued by the successors of the founders and today after almost a century, “brother” is one of the best sewing machine brands with thousands of satisfied customers.

Started from Japan but by the late 19th century, their regional sales company was established in Europe. Initially, the company may have started as a sewing machine repairing company, but with time expanded their territory as far as they could and is a top sewing machine brand today.

Top Features of the Brand

Sewing, quilting, stitching, embroidery, all are now much easier with the help of products of this one of the best sewing machine brands. They have a vast variety of machines ranging from sewing machines, embroidery machines, combo machines to cover stitching machines, and multi-needle machines. Also, their website would definitely tempt you to buy as many machines no matter you are a beginner, professional, home user, designer. Anybody can benefit themselves with the ease and comfort provided by this brand.

Cost-effectiveness, unlimited built-in stitches, foot presser, automatic needle inserter, ages long warranty, stitch functions and buttonholes are just a few qualities which every brother sewing machine comes with. To add on, brother machines always bring their extra goodies with them. Moreover, stitch patterns, thread cutters, armrest, extensive table and an extra LED bulb are essentials that are always packed with the Brother sewing machines.

You may look for negatives but it is particularly hard to spot the negatives of these machines. Starting from its quality to functionality, everything is of utmost perfection and expectation. The machines are convenient to use and the extensive variety allows you to pick according to your demand. The satisfaction of the customers is the core factor and the best reviews state that the machines are all pocket friendly in their best way possible.

Top picks from the Brand

Out of the hundreds of best-quality products offered by the brand, these three are the ones which suit a beginner, professional as well as a home user.

Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine

Brother sewing machinesThis sewing machine is an extremely easy machine to set up and operate. All ratings regarding this stand high. It comes at a nominal price and is it is affordable. The main factor of this is that it is the best sewing machine for beginners. Imagine a beginner starting with 37 built-in stitches and a guide to operating them! Definitely he’s only one step behind of becoming an expert. Not only this, but it also has an extended table, rest arm, needle threader and one-step buttonholes, all the must-have features of brother sewing machines. Not to forget, this is one of the lightweight and easy to carry machine.

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Brother HC 1850 Sewing Machine

Brother Sewing machinesA home user might be quite familiar with the basics of sewing and stitching and this machine is a great top-up to enhance them. For quick sewing and stitching, this is a computerized machine with no hassle. It is easy to operate by switching the power on. Quick stitching is possible with the help of its 185 built-in stitches and 55 alphanumeric stitches. The sheets and spreads of our houses may be torn out and for that, this is a must-have machine which is undoubtedly the best sewing machine for quilting. As the brand essentials, extended table and free arm are also there, all under one affordable cost!

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Brother SE1900

Brother SE1900In contrast to the other two machines, this machine is much more loaded with features and for that reason, it is slightly high in cost. For a professional, large varieties are extremely important and 240 inbuilt stitches are a great deal. Along with it, there are more than 300 embroidery patterns. Speed is as fast as 850 stitches per minute with a stitch length of 5 mm. These are a few stand out features which have made this yet top product for us from the top sewing machine brands that we have in our list.

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2- Singer: Top durable sewing machine brand

Beginning from 1850 to this day, Singer sewing machines which were brought into the market by Isaac Meritt Singer, have been a top choice of the majority of people. It has been a go-to sewing machine for many cases. Starting from “standard 1” which was the first-ever product by this quality brand. After that, they were successful in establishing their factory within three years of the manufacturing of their first machine.

Since then Singer has been infusing in a spirit in its users that sewing is a process free of hassle, bulky machines and unreliable features. This concept not only brought ease in the lives of people but also popularity and fame for the brand too.

Top Features of the Brand

The 900 loops per minute, unbreakable needle feature, long stitching with an unbreakable thread are the best features of the singer machines. Efficient fabric grabber is one of the highly appreciated features of the Singer sewing machines. The vastness varies from heavy-duty to computerize to mechanical and serger. The basics include the quilting, stitching and embroidery machines while you ‘ll find the crafting and home decor machines as well.

Every singer machine you will come across will have loads and loads of inbuilt stitches along with numerous alphabet characters. All Singer sewing machines have automatic buttonholes along with needle bars. Moreover, the thread cutters are also automatic. As an additional new feature, all machines have a speed control dial too! The controls of these ones of the best brands in sewing machines are beyond outstanding.

The machines operate through power switches and they can be easily used anywhere. In connection with this, the weight is extremely light in order for the machines to be conveniently carried. The best quality of the singer machines is the durability and warranty. Also, if properly taken care of these machines can run like a dream even after ages. The brand is widely recognized by its customers and the name and affluence of Singer Sewing machines cannot be denied in the sewing machine industry.

Top Picks from the Brand

Our top three picks for your comfort and selection:

Singer 7258 Sewing Machine.

Singer sewing machinesMore often than not, ladies look forward to decorating their homes and DIYS are top trending these days. With 100 daily and 75 decorative stitches, this machine will let you fulfil your dreams. It also has an automatic needle threader, thread cutter. Also, it is packed with features that let you have an ultimate sewing experience with the top-five sewing machine brand as rated by users and experts.

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Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

Singer 9960Portable, computerized and comes with lots of additional features! A great piece to begin your adventures with. Apart from the basic inbuilt stitches and buttonholes, it comes with an autopilot mode, extended table and bonus accessories. It is the best for you if you are new and wish to customize work and do some crafting!

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Singer 14T968DC Professional sewing machine

Best sewing machine brandsAs suggested by its name this is definitely the perfect option for all the top known professionals. The great blow it gives is the 1500 stitches per minute! The product looks complicated but if given to the right person, they can do wonders with the exact stitch for every project. For better understanding, a CD workbook is included. Another standout feature is the colour-coded lay-in threading system. And of course, it comes with multiple bonus accessories.

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3- Janome: Top innovative sewing machine brand

The company initially began with the name of pine sewing machine factory and later established the title of Janome and thereafter the company was renamed to Janome Sewing Machine. The company was the first to develop the concept of a computerized sewing machine for the ease of use at home. Not only this, but Janome also introduced many new things such as a bobbin rather than a traditional long shuttle.

The main perspective of all changes made to sewing machines by Janome was only and only to give them an innovative look along with modern functionality. Due to all these revolutions, Janome has been on top in the industry ever since. These are a few reasons as to why Janome has made its way to our top five sewing machine brands. Janome is so well-reviewed by its users that it makes it spot in the list best sewing machine brands.

Top Features of the Brand

Types of machines offered by Janome include sewing machines, embroidery machines, serger machines and quilting machines. Not only this but when you browse through their site you’ll also come through some extremely appealing extra accessories. The promise made by this company is to enhance your creativity with the most innovative products yet in the easiest manner. They also assure that your sewing experience would be one fine, pleasurable experience.

Generally, all Janome sewing machines offer a minimum of 90 inbuilt stitches and as user’s needs upgrade the stitches get more advanced. Moreover, accurate feed layer fabric feeding system is always a must in all Janome machines. Furthermore, there are twin needle guards, automatic needle threader, thread cutter, and LED sewing lights. The included accessories consist of usually foot press, armrest and extensive table.

They may also come with multiple colourful sewing threads too. Janome machines are great sewing machines as they offer a lot in decent pricing and the brand has a majority of satisfied customers.

Top Picks from the Brand

Top 3 picks for this brand are:

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Janome Sewing MachinesPriced extremely nominal, this sewing machine is of utmost quality and a great choice for a kick start. It is a mechanical machine with 4 step buttonholes, dial pattern selection and length, width adjuster. It can stitch maximum 5mm in length as well as width. For comfort, an extra high presser foot lift is given. The accessory box includes instruction box, needle set, screwdrivers, zipper foot and foot controls.

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Janome DC- 4030P Electronic Sewing Machine

Best sewing machine for quiltingAn electronic, easy to use, lightweight, noise-free sewing machine which every woman at home dreams to have and those who have it admire this product. A home decorating and crafting machine as well as suitable for heavy-duty projects. Also, comes with 92 inbuilt stitches, 6 one-step buttonholes and auto-tension system. For easy accessibility, LED lights are given. The machine is operated through a start/stop button. There is an easy reverse button with stitch selection as well. The accessory box has the same products as all others.

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Horizon Memory Craft 9450 Professional

Best sewing machine for Advanced usersStraight out of the professional series of the Janome sewing machines, this machine can help you achieve all your fashion designer goals in the most convenient way. You can sit back and relax while creating the best pieces. It has alphanumeric fonts for the fancy look you want to achieve. The machine has a big LCD colour screen that helps to navigate through the 350 inbuilt stitches. The buttonholes are of one step and 7 buttonholes are provided.

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4- Juki: Best sewing machine brand for beginners

Juki sewing machines are ranked as the best manufacturer of sewing machines in the world. Juki is a leading brand when it comes to sewing machines for home use and industrial use. The brand has been making and selling sewing machines for more than 80 years now. Every new product by them continues to get better and better.

Top Features of the Brand

A peaceful sewing experience along with ease is what comes to the mind when the brand name of Juki is heard. Your beautiful creations are just a stitch away with the use of the highly efficient and innovative Juki sewing machines. These machines come with their reliable warranties. They are known for how simple they are to use.

Juki sewing machines have diverse functions and types. The basic qualities in Juki machines, such as multiple inbuilt stitches, numerical and alphabetical stitches are very common. Also, an easy needle thread inserter, thread cutter, foot press and numerous accessories are there. Juki machines are special for their smooth operation, smart straight stitches, zero vibration and no noise features. Thus, all these features put Juki in the list of our best sewing machine brands.

Every person who owns a Juki Machine cannot stop himself from describing how perfect machines these are. They regard this as an excellent lifetime buy and super happy with what they purchase. The customers admire the quality of stitch.  Another appreciated factor is the endless tools and accessories packed with every sewing machine.

Top Picks from the Brand

Top 3 picks for JUKI are:


Juki HZL LB5100You might want to take some notes on a few tips and tricks to use it but once you are ready you will begin admiring this machine. For the price it comes in, it has many features which some overrated expensive machines have. The operation is through a start/stop button and automatic threading can be done. It is easy to carry due to its weight. Although a basic machine but provides various stitching patterns. Quilting can also be done with this machine and it is also great for decorative purposes. A 100% recommendation for any beginner.

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Juki HZL DX7 household sewing machine

Juki Sewing machinesTo start off with the basics, there are 277 Built-in stitches along with 4 Alphabet Fonts, a Straight Stitch Plate and a box feed system. The core feature of this machine is the durability and quality of this machine. Anybody who owns a machine like this at their home is free of worries to replace their machine. It is easily the best sewing machine for home use. It sews evenly and makes absolutely no noise. The machine also has some little graphic icons, which make it fun to be used.

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Juki Tl 2000A sewing machine, fully updated with LED lights and one pedal operation. Unbelievable speed of 1500 stitches per minute and stitches that are of the finest quality. Also. the needle threader is automatic and low vibration along with zero noise is a great benefit it comes with. In order to have a wide workspace, an extensive table is also provided alongside the machine. The machine is so sturdy, that it can even stitch up large canvases. Anyone who wishes to have a running sewing industry but can’t invest much should definitely go for this machine.

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5- Pfaff: Best sewing machine brand for intermediate users

Back in the day, every individual Pfaff sewing machine was made with hand tools. The hard work put and the effort surely paid off, and now the story of the Pfaff machines are the opposite of this. In the 18th century, G M Pfaff created the first-ever machine while experimenting something. He realized how beneficial this product in future can be for him and now here we see the successful Pfaff sewing machine company.

Top Features of the Brand

Pfaff sewing machines are of European quality and designed to serve the user for the maximum years possible. Pfaff sewing machines have a name in the market along with a strong position. Their machines possess a unique quality of built-in dual fabric feeding system. All Pfaff sewing machines come with a minimum 70 inbuilt stitches, a start/stop button, and a slider for speed.

The machines have the largest work area possible given. They are artistically designed and look absolutely stunning. Pfaff machines have no boundaries for creativity and have given freedom in their regards. Some exclusive features include an interface, unique app for wifi connectivity and many more exquisite features. These exclusive features guaranteed the PFAFF’s place in best sewing machine brands.

Top Picks from the Brand

Pfaff Passport 2.0

PFAFF Sewing machinesThe perfect choice for you out of the vast range of products from the top sewing machine brand. This is a computerized machine and due to its advanced features, it is a child’s play to operate it. It is very compact and can be carried anywhere. You may not want to call it the basic machine but want to grade a bit higher than that due to its astonishing functionality and features.

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Creative 4.5 sewing machine

Best sewing machine for home useYou know the basics of sewing and stitching but want to create something extraordinary, and that it is the reason behind the creation of this machine. It is specially designed to make your ordinary into extraordinary. It allows you to do some embroidery while stitching with the multiple inbuilt stitches and stitch patterns. You can create fun designs for children with the numerical and alphabetical stitches. Quilting can also be done. It comes with an extension table. Not to forget how easy this machine is on your pocket.

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Our team has carefully come up with these top 5 best sewing machine brands for you out of the never-ending ones out there. The article has been written specifically to make a lot of things clear to you. Now, the only working that you’ve got to do is to choose one sewing machine brand from these that suits your needs aptly! Choosing the brand is user preference that is why it depends entirely on the user. We share our unbiased opinion for the user guide.


People also ask these questions:

Question: What is the most reliable brand of the sewing machine?

Answer: According to our honest reviews singer has the most reliable and durable sewing machine. Its heavy-duty machines last very long. Also, there is an issue of more weight attached to it yet these machines are most reliable with decent specifications.

Question: What is the best high-end sewing machine?

Answer: Nowadays, almost all the brands make a variety of range including the machine from beginner to high-end. We can share the following names o the basis of our user reviews:

1- Juki HZL-F600

2-Janome Magnolia 7318

3- SINGER Heavy Duty 442

4- Brother PQ1500SL

5- Brother SE600

Question: What is the best sewing machine for 2019?

Answer: The best sewing machines for the year 2019 were:

1- Brother CS6000i

2- Singer heavy duty 4423

3- Singer Stylist 7258

4-Singer start 1304

5- Brother HC1850

Question: What is the #1 sewing machine manufacturer in the US?

Answer: There is no doubt that the brother is the best sewing machine brand in US. Their machines are reliable and are known for their performance. Moreover, the great support provided by the brother is at another level. Thus, the brother is the best choice when it comes to choosing from American brands.


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